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What is Marketing Learn about the history of marketing and its stages of development


What is Marketing  Learn about the history of marketing and its stages of development
What is Marketing

What is Marketing  Learn about the history of marketing and its stages of development


What is Marketing?

What is Marketing Marketing or marketing is the promotion of the product, but what stage of its stages, is it the last stage of the product or its beginning,

Does it have an importance such as capital, raw materials and production, or is it a thing, it may not be important, we produce and sell, but have you asked yourself how to sell, and how do people know that you have produced or that you are ready to sell the product?

Are you the owner of the product or the manufacturer of it, do you have the skill to sell it, as you produced it, often the answer is no, and here comes the role of marketing or marketing, as it is the link between the owner of the product and the consumer.


Learn Marketing

There are many definitions of marketing or marketing, including:


  • It is the process that is concerned with the desires of the customers within the framework of a specific society and this is done through the production and exchange of products.
  • Or it is the activities that you try to discover and act on customers' desires.
  • Or a group of efforts and activities that facilitate the transfer of goods, service, or idea from the source of production to the buyer.

Marketing History:

It is as old as civilizations, where man knew exchange, which is a type of marketing, as markets were later known, even if the form of the market differs, but the idea is the same, which is to offer the product for sale.


The concept of marketing began to develop in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, when the industrial revolution arose, industries and products multiplied, and they multiplied, and then markets had to be present. To sell these products and from here arose the ideology of the occupation, to create markets for them in the countries they occupy.


Marketing development stages:

The demand stage, which is the stage of scarcity of goods, as factories were producing goods that people did not know in many countries,


There was a demand for it and a great demand, so they were the owners of factories, production to increase profit, the customer's needs were not important at this time,


They are new commodities that are demanded by everyone everywhere.


  • The beginning of the twentieth century


More sales since the beginning of the twentieth century and global wars and intense competition between countries of the world, east and west, and the world began to focus on sales, and estimated the volume of sales, and sales of others, and from here the science of marketing developed in terms of data and information analysis, and monopoly policies began, then began to disappear Gradually, we reached the stage of increasing supply and decreasing demand.


  • An innovative concept


The trend towards marketing in an innovative and modern concept since the last century and the trend towards consumer interest began, as he who benefits from the goods, and whoever chooses and buys them, is the target of producing the commodity, so he must be reached to convince him to buy one commodity only.


Which led to the emergence of research and studies in the field of marketing, and marketing was defined as a science that should be placed on the list of priorities of any institution or company.


Many types also appeared in it, including digital marketing and traditional marketing


Elements of the marketing or marketing process:

Marketing is based on several elements, including:


  1. Determine product prices
  2. Product development
  3. Choose products

  • Of course, the price of the product is determined on the basis of several studies, in terms of the cost of the product, its cycle in the market, who will buy it, their ability to pay for it, and its price in front of competing products.
  • Study the extent of product development and customer acceptance of this development.
  • Sales data analysis; All these are continuous studies related to the cycle of the product in the market.

Marketing skills:

In order to be a successful marketer, you must possess a set of skills, not the certificate alone is what qualifies you to work in the field of the market, but there is a set of skills that you must possess, including:


  1. Fluency and the ability to address the public
  2. The culture of dialogue, and persuade those who have conversations with you
  3. Strong memory, and memorization skill
  4. Good level of English language
  5. Precision and attention, to the smallest detail
  6. Forming good relationships with others
  7. Mastering the English language, and obtaining continuous training to refine work skills.
  8. The ability to attract customers

How to improve your skills in the field of marketing:

To be a successful marketer you must:


  1. Improve your thinking abilities
  2. She joins more than one field in the labor market to gain experiences from it
  3. Know that all companies need you, so study every activity you can hear about here or there
  4. Be present with all the training courses that you can participate in, work in this work does not stop development.
  5. Know that you work in a field that may require great effort from you or travel at any time, so be prepared
  6. Learn as many languages ​​as you can, especially English
  7. Learn to write content so you can write your resume.
  8. Be a good listener of others and a good communicator as well.
  9. Gain yourself flexibility when speaking, as you and the customer are always in two different ways, but you can meet at a point, which you must put.

Types of Marketing:

  • Marketing is of two types


Traditional marketing, which is based on presenting the goods to the public in order to make the purchase while trying to attract the audience to them with a good offer or words of words, and the display is in commercial stores in markets or residential neighborhoods.


Electronic marketing, which is based on presenting the product or thought through modern electronic means such as the Internet, social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and many others.


E-shopping may excel from traditional shopping in some things, including:


E-marketing does not require a large sum of money to do advertising, as it does require experience in working with modern devices and dealing with them.


E-marketing has a wider spread base, and the number of clients is not only in the place of residence, but also everywhere in the world.


E-marketing, through which you can determine the number of interaction with your product, and the number of those who did not, and thus you can analyze and evaluate the product data.


Basics of Marketing

What is Marketing?

There are basics that must be followed in order for the marketing process to be sound and good, which are:


Hank has many people who have been interested in marketing and wrote books in it, because he was interested in this field, and among them is Philip Kotler, a scientist who was interested in the principles and foundations of design, and you must understand the general principles and then apply them to the age in which you live, including these principles and basics:


  • Note

Always advising those who want to work in marketing, to be a good observer, to those around him of the people to know what they are missing, and what image they prefer to be.


  • Product ideas

Developing solutions to the problem that may face a lack of a product, then starting the solution by providing those products.


  • Proof of validity of the idea

If people buy the product, then this means that the marketing person has a correct thinking.


  • Conducting Marketing Research:

It is a study of the market, what it needs and the competitors, and the strengths of their product, or weaknesses, to determine the target audience.


  • Growth and development

Growth, development and strong observation are things that must be taken care of, because marketing does not stop at a certain limit, but always develops with the development of the market and other products, and know that there is another marketer, working to attract your customer, so how to maintain the customer, and attract other customers.


Organization at work

An important step that must be implemented. Without it, the marketer feels that he is always tired, so he must divide the market into small groups that he works on


Each is part-time, and this is done through its own team, then he collects the information and analyzes it and knows where the weaknesses in the distribution or sales and resolves them.


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