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Digital Marketing Basics | Learn the basics that enable you to market professionally


Digital Marketing Basics  Learn the basics that enable you to market professionally
Digital Marketing Basics


Digital Marketing Basics | Learn the basics that enable you to market professionally


Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Fundamentals of digital marketing, those who do digital marketing must have several skills, enabling them to digital marketing, which has become more widespread and popular for a large number of people


In light of this demand, competition increases in the field of work in terms of services provided, so many company owners needed a new job, which is the job of the digital marketer in order to achieve his goal through this field.


What is digital shopping:

Marketing of various products and services over the Internet and other media, which is an umbrella term that includes modern marketing strategies


Which targets customers who work on the Internet or social media.


The importance of digital shopping:

Digital marketing has become a major factor in marketing different brands and services at various levels, so why do organizations need it?


 Organizations need to:

  • The competition

Given that more than 77.6% of small business owners use digital marketing in order to market their products, especially social media, although this number is likely to increase in the coming years.


They will not use digital marketing, as it loses to many customers, especially young people, who are associated with this type of communication with people.


  • Access to a wide network of clients:

All marketing strategies, whether old or modern, try to reach customers, and digital marketing performs this task on a large scale and accurately, and this can be done in several ways:


Unpaid ways (free)

  1. Reaching customers through Facebook or Twitter
  2. Google search engine
  3. Marketing by paid methods, this method allows you to reach more customers and get to know brands.


Performance appraisal from the fundamentals of digital marketing:

Through digital marketing, you can evaluate your performance at work and whether you have achieved what you wanted to do or not, and this is fast, effective and accurate at the same time, unlike traditional methods that have to wait a long time to determine this.


  • Precise customer targeting:

Through digital marketing, you can reach the target customers by age and city, so you can control who visits your site.


What are the basics of digital marketing:

  • Website design for the company or institution:

This is done professionally and is more varied and allows to deal with your acceptable content

And this is done through your mobile phone or through several other devices such as a word press site

As it helps you to grow your own page with the least potential and levels and also design through WordPress

It may give you some features, such as Microsoft Word, and all of these capabilities are provided by your site.

  • Always work to present your content regularly and keep it updated

This ensures the continuation of the work, which is to develop the site by updating the work that has been done to increase the content, which makes the number of visitors to the site a great increase, so that the number of those who provoke the customers increases.


  • Work to have a large number of visitors

This is the goal of everyone who creates a website, as it works to increase the visibility of those who watch it and increase the number of those who interact with it, by working to renew the articles or blogs that are presented through it.


  • Work on marketing your products automatically:

The fourth fundamental is trying to monitor your site and know the customers who interact a lot with it and work to meet their needs, and try to determine their age group, the quality of their requirements, and always send messages to them for continued communication.


  •  Do not forget about social media

Work to have a presence in these sites because they achieve high visibility for more customers and for multiple age groups, and for the multiplicity of types and different content, this requires you to research and study in order to satisfy all customers.


  • Work to implement monitoring and follow-up systems for the website and special pages on social networks:

Where you must follow not only your page, but all pages that provide content, which you like and see all new and try not to quote ideas, but to develop your ideas by taking advantage of others.


Ease of physical communication:

The process of paying for your products should be an easy and widespread method of payment, so you must provide all available payment methods


With multiple payment methods to satisfy the largest possible number of people


It does not include all customers, whether it was paid by one of the banks or one of the telecommunications companies in Egypt, such as Vodafone Cash or Egyptian Bard, so that this would not be an obstacle for the sake of the customer.


The most popular digital marketing methods:

  • Google search engine:

All the people who use the Internet use search engines to find anything they want to know or are looking for


Shopping through the Google search engine has become popular among many people around the world for its ease, as it informs everyone about everything available and new in the market


Therefore, more than 93% of those who search on the Internet use the Google search engine, so be sure to use it on your website


And marketing for your products, more than 3.5 billion daily use, which is 12 trillion annually, and they are the most famous sites and SEO services.


  • E-mail:

One of the best ways because it is cost-free for the owner of the institution or company, you can use your e-mail


And it allows you to communicate personally with customers, which creates special relationships that connect customers with you, they welcome you, connect with you and search for your products.


  • Google Ads:

Google Ads or Adwords, where the ad appears on Google, which is a paid advertisement when the visitor, such as hotels and airlines.


  • Ads in various ways, including ads for click:

Such as ads in public squares and sports websites, where sports news is displayed as if it were a large screen


YouTube ads, where a person pays to display his ad on the YouTube video, either at the beginning or in the middle of the video


It is a method that requires great experience in the field of working on the Internet,


And most of those who do it are the companies that work in the field of electronic marketing


And it's not just a company that markets its product.


  • Content Marketing:

And by writing high-quality content in which you explain your product with attractive words and activities to those who read the content, whether the writing language is colloquial or formal, you choose the method and language of writing according to the category that you target in your product.


Finally, don't forget

  • Social Media :

And what these sites carry from works such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others, some of them are famous and others less known, but they achieve one goal, which is to reach the marketing of the product to a large number of followers.


  • Marketing by commission:

It is a strategy of "method" in which individuals cooperate with a specific company in which they market the product of this company in exchange for an agreed upon currency. For example, an agreement can be made for every 100 visitors to the site, the currency will be (x) and the more visitors the commission increases, and so on.


  • Marketing via Messenger messages (WhatsApp)

And it is through multiple applications, including WhatsApp, as more than 1.3 billion annually use this application, and from here its use was a means of spreading any commodity as it transmits images and data quickly, and the most important thing is privacy for those with you in the group.


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